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How Can I Get the Best Gas Mileage in My Car?

Tips on how to pass the Pump!

How Can I Get the Best Gas Mileage in My Car?

With the price of gas remaining so variable, many drivers look for ways to get the best gas mileage possible for their cars. While hopes for a mythical 200 mpg fuel additive or carburetor may remain on hold, there are a number of things drivers can do to get the most out of their car’s engines and fuel supply. Increasing performance and getting the best gas mileage is generally a combination of changing driving habits and servicing your car regularly.

One way to get the best gas mileage is to drive responsibly. Aggressive driving tactics such as tailgating, constant lane changing, peeling out, and racing through yellow lights require the driver to accelerate unnecessarily or recklessly. This means gas that should have moved the car forward is now being wasted on sudden starts and stops. To get the best gas mileage, a driver should learn to go with the flow of traffic and anticipate situations which may require sudden stops. By observing the traffic lights and avoiding red light stops, a driver can improve his or her gas mileage by a few miles. The few stops a car has to make, the better the gas mileage will be.

Another way to get the best gas mileage is to avoid speeding. Cars are designed to reach maximum fuel efficiency at speeds below the current legal limits, so even keeping up with fast-moving traffic can mean a significant loss in gas mileage. Using a car’s cruise control setting should get you the best gas mileage, as long as the road is level and not congested with traffic. Cruise control devices are not as prone to pump the accelerator too often to maintain speed as the driver might be. The engine may not need all of that extra fuel in order to provide sufficient power, so using cruise control on long stretches of highway should increase gas mileage by at least 25%.

Other ways to get the best gas mileage involve making sure the car itself is properly maintained. Changing out a dirty air filter, for example, should noticeably improve an engine’s efficiency, which in turn increases overall gas mileage. A thorough tune-up should also get you the best gas mileage, especially if dirty spark plugs are replaced. Switching to higher quality synthetic oil with anti-friction additives can also improve gas mileage.

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